The Strange Collection

Enjoy the haunting images in an all new collection of art, bending the mind and destroying small blood cells with in your own body.

Become a Strange Saint

There are many ways to become part of the Society, contact Saint Strange for more information to find out how you can contribute.

Saint Strange Prayers

Saint Strange Sacrifices

The Strange Saint Society is always looking for new ways to embark on bigger and better projects that allows other artists to be seen and heard, these donations will go into helping other artists explore their endeavors through the ability of funding for tools and supplies needed to help them become more successful .

Become a Strange Saint

You can get involved today by becoming a a Strange Saint by purchasing an art piece from SAINT Strange , once this is complete, you will be able to see new art work weeks before it comes out, grab some free loot and have a metal cuffed bracelet to show your involvement in the Strange Saint Society to the whole world.

Everyone in the society is a blessing and this is a very exclusive group.

Cult(ure) Clothing

Saint Strange is always taking in ideas from the society in what they would want as far as being distinctive in their own exclusive group. Be sure to voice your opinion on what you would love to have on apparel.

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